Home Health Coordination

Have questions about your eligibility for home care? Talk with a friendly PhyNet Home Health Coordinator today: (903) 930-4010

Our Home Health Coordinator can help you navigate the health care system and advise you on the Medicare benefits you need to qualify for Home Health Services. With a care team approach, we will keep your physician, therapist, and specialty providers informed of your status and assist with care plan oversight to ensure your home health experience is the best fit for you.

Your PhyNet provider and care team want you to stay connected between home visits and will follow up with doctor visits every 90 days and annual wellness every 365 days to ensure you stay compliant with ongoing home health re-certifications needed by your Medicare and/or Insurance payors. 

Visit our Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring pages for more information about care management services available to you. We believe in closing gaps in care with on-going proactive prevention to keep you in your best health and wellness.

If you ever have questions, call our Home Health Coordinator today.

Anita Mauldin
Home Health Coordinator
(903) 930-4010